HOT or NOT 2012 -seminaari Tapahtumat

HOT or NOT 2012 -seminaari



08.30 Breakfast
09.00 WELCOME!
Birgitta Takala, General Director, IAB Finland & Antti Isokangas, Ali Consulting, Moderator

09.10 The Hype, the Reality & the Different Use Cases – Enreach, Dr. Erik Wallin
Does (Big) data have intrinsic value, or is value only created when the right kind of data is applied to the right use case? A deep dive into what Big Data actually means for digital publishers and marketers today - and tomorrow.
09.30 Predictive Behavioral Targeting – Nugg.ad, Thomas Schnoor
09.50 Competitive Advantage in Personalized Web – Frosmo, Mikael Gummerus
In Web everything is copied rapidly. What lessons has Frosmo learned about creating a Competitive Advantage in Personalized Web ranging from social games and e-commerce to media services.
10.10 Real Time Bidding – Adform, Jesper Urban
Programmatic buying, ad exchanges and Real Time Bidding are changing the industry and the way we work with online advertising. High growth rates and our ability to continuously produce better results and increase value for advertisers will drive investments and innovations in the field for many years.
10.30 Break

10.40 Online Video Advertising – smartclip, Jaakko Rautanen & Magnus Hultman
How to reach the audience with online video advertising!
11.00 Marketing in Social Virtual Worlds: Game Worlds as a Marketing Channel – CyberLightning, Elina Rosenlund
What kind of an environment a game world is for advertising? How can a company reach customers in a virtual game world? Game worlds offer both opportunities and challenges as a new kind of channel for marketing, advertising and communications. We will go through the main themes that label the special characteristics of advertising and marketing in the social virtual worlds and in the game worlds.
11.20 Branding Units & IAB CASE Teaser – Adform, Christopher Fernandez
11.45 Conclusion, Comments, Questions & THANKS!


IAB X Adform Industry Insider: Ohjelmallisen ostamisen nykytila ja trendit Suomessa

Lähes 60 % Euroopan display- ja videomainonnasta ostetaan ohjelmallisesti kasvutrendin ollessa selvä; vuonna 2021 ohjelmallisen ostamisen kautta ostettavan mainonnan määrä kasvoi lähes 34 prosenttia. Myös Suomessa ohjelmallisesti ostettavan digimainonnan määrä on kasvussa, vaikka volyymit eivät yllä Euroopan keskiarvon tasolle.

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