IAB Europe White Paper: Using Data Effectively in Programmatic

17 November 2016

Consumers are using an ever-increasing variety of channels and touch points across media to shop and to consume content. The interactions and behaviours across these touch points; online video, news and information sites, social media, gaming, to name a few, create myriad data points that initially can seem disconnected. The IAB Europe Using Data Effectively in Programmatic white paper provides guidance on the types of audience data available and how they can be used to execute effective programmatic advertising.

The white paper addresses:
• The types of data available, the benefits and challenges of each data type and key legal and privacy considerations
• How to build an audience with the available data
• Key considerations for using data effectively
• Data in a cross-device environment and the opportunities and challenges

Download the white paper here

IAB Finland|A member of Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe

Tietosuojaseloste (PDF)